Monday, September 13, 2010

Goldfish *Colors* Crackers: A Review

I just want to preface this with saying, this turned out FAR different than I expected.

All 6 of us piled in the car last night to go to the store and, of course, we were all hungry. :)
My girls went down the bread/chip/cracker isle and immediately zoned in on these, ahem, colorful crackers...that appeared to be full of dyes.

If you knew my kiddos in real life, you would agree that they need to stay FAR away from the food dyes or risk bouncing off the wall.

SO, to make a long story short, hubby was worn down by 2 pint-sized terrorists and the crackers found their way home with us.

After eating and while watching "their show" before it was time for the bedtime routine, they brought me bowls and the HUGE 2.1 pound box of crackers and were armed with pouty faces.
I looked at the box to make sure I was ready for what was to ensue by giving them the dyed crackers and noticed something significant...


The "purple" is from beet juice, the "green" is from huito juice, the "yellow" is from annatto, and the "red" is from watermelon juice.

I almost fell over and had a cow.

These WILL be in my cart next week and I WILL be sending a letter to Mr. Pepperidge Farm to thank him for a "fun looking" cracker with no artificial dyes.

You should try some!!

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